logosctIn 2002 TEATSA obtained accreditation as Internal Training Center by the SCT. This center conducted courses license endorsement “E” for all operators in TEATSA.




Since 2004 TEATSA has ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate that guarantees customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and continuous improvement of our service. ISO 9000 is an international requirement for those who want to be competitive in today’s market



CTPATIn 2007, C – TPAT accreditation was obtained in our base Laredo. This accreditation ensures to our trading partners in EU that we have all the necessary safety measures to carry out the service smoothly.




In 2011 the accreditation was obtained as verification unit. In compliance with the rules applicable to the motor carrier the accreditation as type ” B” unit verification ” Physical- Mechanical Conditions” is obtained , which ensures the optimum state of our entire fleet.



Starting in 2011 we have Kosher Certification in all our Food Grade tanks Food Grade Kosher certification in food grade tanks gives our customers the assurance that their products are being transported in units with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.


emaIn 2012 The Administration System of Holistic Responsability (SARI) was certificated

Always committed to the health and safety of all staff and partners , and the care of the environment, the ANIQ 2013 Award is obtained for Best Practice in “Control and Air Pollution protection “.ANIQ_logo



In the same 2012,EATSA was credited the NOM-045 in the verification unit. The accreditation is for the testing of polluting emissions from our trucks.


TRANSPORTES DE LA TORRE is the co-founder of  “Transporte Limpio” (Clean transport). Program of the SEMARNAT that drives us to carry out actions for the care of the environment.



haccpWe will soon have the HACCP certification for cleaning Food Grade Tanks service.